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About Nvest Global

Nvest Global is a multinational blockchain conglomerate that looks to engender a secure and widespread adoption of blockchain financial services through the decentralization of the retail banking system.

The world's current monetary system is ill-equipped to satisfy the demand from retail and institutional customers for Crypto financial products. Due to the monopolistic and highly regulated nature of their current businesses, banks are being overrun by online Crypto platforms who further centralise capital and limit customer adoption. Nvest Global is an international organisation, comprised of a union of national banks that work together to decentralise the world's banking system. Nvest Global engineers state of the art fintech products that give customers access to the Crypto economy. We utilise our network of national banking systems to distribute access to these products into local jurisdictions.

Nvest Global is Comprised Of


National Bank Holdings

This department focuses on opening and managing the Nvest National Banks. Nvest Global works with local financial institutions to launch Nvest banks in new jurisdictions. Since every nation state receieves its own Nvest Bank, we continue to grow equity holdings.


Nvest Ventures

This department focuses on investing, acquiring and incubating blockchain companies. The Nvest ecosystem creates a massive demand for sophisticated blockchain services to service its various corporate entities and international client base. This provides us with a test environment for all the companies we invest in.


Blockchain Banking Services

Through our various subsidiaries, we develop Blockchain Based Banking products and BBS is in charge of licensing them to the national Nvest Banks. The continuous expansion of the Nvest National Banks guarantees a sustainable enterprise business.

Nvest National Banks

Our national banks will operate as individual corporate entities who will be responsible for the crypto-monetary policy of their respective countries. They will work with federal and municipal governments to regulate, monitor, and tax the country's crypto economy. Our national banks' license products from Nvest Global's line of fin-tech products. Nvest National Banks will build out physical retail banking branches throughout each country. This will position Nvest National Banks to capture a large percentage of the retail crypto market as it will bridge the gap between the average investor and this new asset class.

  • Toronto

    250 Wellington St W


    Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto's infamous financial district, this Valult is in the ideal location for high profile exposure. This location will entail a Global XChange desk + Nvest Priemer privileges.

  • Pickering

    750 Oklahoma Dr

    Flagship Branch

    This Nvest Canada branch is located in one of Toronto's burgeoning suburbs with great exposure to a residential market. Previously a TD Canada Trust Bank, it serves an important purpose in the overall Toronto strategy.

  • Richmond Hill

    16 Sims Cresent


    This was the first Nvest Canada branch in the country. Located right off a major highway, this branch is popularly used our Crypto Consultants to engage with their client base and onboard large accounts.

  • Mississauga

    55 Village Centre Pl


    This Branch is located in the heart of Mississauga. It was opened to service clients in the west end of the city. This established commercial complex exposes us to constant traffic and its scenic outdoors provide the perfect ambiance for relationship banking.

  • Birmingham

    Broad Street

    Headquarter + Branch

    Our UK Headquarters is strategically located in the heart of the West Midlands. We utilize this branch for cultivating partnerships, early adopters and as a strategic launchpad for our retail expansion into the rest of the country.

  • London

    Coming Soon

    Flagship Vault

    The highly anticipated London Vault will be a staple within the Nvest Banking Ecosystem. Due to its high profile location, we anticipate a high volume and trendy location. This Vault will have Nvest Priemer privileges.

  • Newcastle

    Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE


    Our Newcastle Branch is built in a beautiful Victorian hotel in the centre of Newcastle's busiest district. This branch will be responsible the majority of initial business coducted in Northern Britian. This Vault will have Nvest Priemer privileges.

  • Bradford

    1226 Leeds Road, BD3 8LG


    This Nvest UK Branch is located in the centre of Bradford. With high visibility, this branch allows us to tackle the greater Bradford area with a powerful retail location. This vault will not have Nvest Priemer priveleges.

  • New York

    Coming Q4

    Flagship Branch

    This Nvest USA branch will be located in the financial capital of the world. This will be a robust branch/headquarter building that is capable of servicing the large volume of cutomers we expect to attract in New York.

  • Seattle

    1406 4th Avenue, Seattle


    The highly anticipated Seattle branch will be the first Nvest USA branch. This former Umpqua bank building is located on 4th and Union, putting us in the busiest intersection in Seattle with access to retail and institutional clients.

  • Los Angeles

    Coming Q4


    We are thrilled to announce the opening of our first Nvest USA branch in Los Angles. Being downtown LA will position this branch to capture the massive demand for Cryptocurrency in the region.

  • Miami

    Coming Q4


    The highly anticipated Miami Vault will be a staple within the Nvest Banking Ecosystem. Due to its high profile location, we anticipate a high volume and trendy location. This Vault will have Nvest Priemer privileges.

  • Athens Headquarters

    14 Akadimias Street


    This is the first Nvest Branch in the mediterranean. Located in the heart of Athens, we have secured a high profile area that will attract both institutional and retail customers. This branch will act as headquarters for the Nvest Greece opeartions.

  • Hilton Athens

    46 Vasilissis Sofia Avenue


    This is the second Nvest Branch in the mediterranean. Located in the most prestigious hotel in Greece, this will act as a target for high networth clients and institutional partners in the region.

  • Thessaloniki



    The Thessaloniki branch will be a staple within the Nvest Banking Ecosystem. Due to its high profile location, we anticipate a high volume and trendy location. This Vault will have Nvest Priemer privileges.

  • Mykonos



    The Mykonos vault will be a staple within the Nvest Banking Ecosystem. Due to its high profile location, we anticipate a high volume and trendy location. This Vault will have Nvest Priemer privileges.

Blockchain Banking Services

Crypto Bank Account

We are reinventing what a traditional cryptocurrency wallet is capable of doing by adding customizable features using our library of banking smart contracts.

Infrastructure Banking

Our clients are able to purchase long-term revenue generating contracts from their mining facilities based in their country.

ICO Factory

Is an end to end management tool for enterprise clients to develop their tokenized offering. Each company will have a licensed blockchain business strategist to guide them through the process.

Real Estate

Is a suite of solutions that pertain to the real estate market. Using our banking infrastructure, we are able to suffice the technology and financing of various real estate transactions.


We provide bloclchain infrastructure to existing insurance companies in order to integrate smart contracts into their existing line of insurance and protection products and services.


The world's first artificial intelligent agent designed to gather a plethora of data in order to assist Nvest users to make smarter, wiser and more profitable decisions.

Nvest Ventures

Nvest Ventures is Nvest Global's private VC fund that capitalizes and incubates blockchain startups. The primary objective of the fund is to augment the Nvest banking business with Blockchain based service sector companies. The investment thesis has now evolved to include all types of fin-tech startups.

  • NvestPay™

    NvestPay™ is the world's first enterprise-level payment solution build for the transfer of digital assets.

  • Nvest Property Services

    NPS is a cutting edge prop-tech company that creates blockcahin based investment vehicles for real estate.

  • CryptoNdex

    CryptoNdex is a series of indicies for the cryptocurrency markets using our custom token protocols.

  • Nvest Brokerage Services

    NBS develops backend management systems that allow financial firms to build customized investment products

  • Global XChange

    Global XChange is an international Cryptocurrency exchange that provides liquidity to investors on their trading platform. They also provide OTC services for institutional clients.

  • L&P Associates

    L&P Associates is a UK based accounting firm which develops accounting tools for the auditing of digital assets. They also posses in house accounting services.

  • Blockchain Securities Institute

    Blockchain Securities Institute is a Canadian financial education company that develops accredidtations for financial professionals within the Blockchain industry.

  • Digital Money Treasury

    Digital Money Treasury is an incubator which offers consulting services to early stage projects. They operate in Toronto as a full stack solution for scaling blockchain protocols.

  • Luca

    Luca is a deep learning platform that gives banking institutions the ability to deploy sophisticated artifical intelligence capabilities.

  • The Vault

    The Vault sells cold storage infastructure accross retail banking locations for the secure storage of digital assets.

  • Graviti

    Graviti is a full stack Blockchain development firm based in the UK that specializes in creating enterprise level Blockchain technology.

  • Idenety

    Idenety is a hardware manufacturing company that creates cutting edge IOT products that can run blockchain applications.

4 National Banks
7 Portfolio Companies
8 Branches Worldwide
1.5 Million In Deposits

International Blockchain Banking Commission

It is our firm belief that national governments will have a massive role to play in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain financial services as a whole. We understand that our business models require substantial government relations in order to succeed. That is why we have joined the International Blockchain Banking Commission. This is a decentralized regulatory body that any company can join to engage in government relations. The IBBC will be a global regulatory body that bridges the gap between sovereign governments/regulators/central banks the banking institutions that offer blockchain/custodial services. The IBBC will focus on three aspects of banking governance.

Crypto Taxation

This department will institute protocols for government organizations to monitor and enforce taxation over blockchain companies and the customers to which they serve as custodians. Opening the conversation and having a seat at the table is a crucial component of coming to a reasonable tax strategy for both governments and companies.


This department will institute tools for government organizations to create and deploy “Smart Regulations” and “Smart Licenses”. These are blockchain protocols that will embed things like KYC/AML regulation into a immutable governance structure. Using a consensus based system, all stakeholders (including Regulators and Banks) will have a say as to which regulation gets instituted.

Financial Data Protection

To satisfy the new demands and opportunities of Blockchain Banking industry, we need a new paradigm in data protection laws. This department in the IBBC works with the constituents of the banking institution using consensus based algorithms to issue internals and external data protection policies.

4 National Banks
7 Portfolio Companies
8 Branches Worldwide
1.5 Million In Deposits


  • Q3 2017

    Launched Nvest Canada's First Branch

  • Q1 2018

    Launched Nvest UK's Headquarters Branch

  • Q2 2018

    Open Nvest Canada's 3rd Branch

  • Q2 2018

    Launched Nvest's Online Banking Platform (BETA)

  • Q2 2018

    Launched Nvest Greece

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